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Emily Gibson Hill University of Delaware

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Who am I?

I'm a CIS graduate student at the University of Delaware, pursuing my PhD. However, I do much more than sit behind a computer all day! In my free time, I enjoy ice cream, shopping, baking cookies, board games, and the occasional video game. Despite reading academic literature throughout the day, I'm a voracious reader in my spare time (check out my bookshelf to see why I sometimes prefer reading to sleep). Most of all, I love to knit. I got hooked last fall (not a pun, that's crocheting), and have only been able to put my needles down during deadlines. But to really know me you should meet my other half (the half that lives in New Jersey). We've been keeping each other company since January of '97, and officially tied the knot in November '07.

Jayson and I getting ready to attend his High School Senior Prom.

More info than you ever wanted...

Emily Gibson Hill | | 213 Smith Hall Newark, DE 19716 | (302) 831-6339